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Apex Elite Construction Company is a Japanese based construction company in offshore exploration and production. The company is a fully-owned subsidiary of Petroswede AB, a privately held holding company.

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In a world defined by explorers, discovery has always been a commodity. The sensation of novelty remains timeless and the reward seems equally great. Exploration is a legacy passed on over generations. In honour of that tradition and to realise what lies beyond our shores, we continue to explore. Activities are presently based in Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Latvia.


During the last few years and following the redevelopment of our Baobab field in the Ivory Coast, Apex Elite has shifting its focus to West Africa.


The ambition going forward is to broaden our production base with increasing production and additional producing assets.


As a hard-working and respected partner, Apex Elite is well-positioned to build value organically or by acquisition. We believe our reputation as a partner.


We have spent a lot of time understanding the potential of regions such as the Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Cameroon and the MSGBC basin.

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Apex Elite Construction Company

Our goal is to achieve a balance between exploration and production of Construction Equipment. We believe value is created in the right and timely conversion of our resource portfolio into producing assets. We are continuing our efforts to transform the Company into a modern exploration and production company with material discoveries heading for development. Our past exploration and appraisal successes confirm that our approach is working.

We are the Leading Construction Company 

A flat, yet dynamic corporate structure efficiently connects expertise in London, Stockholm and Bissau via modern communication systems, frequent dialogue and up-to-date tools. A management group providing decades of international experience guides our teams working in several of the world’s richest petroleum basins.


OPAB was an initiative of the Japanese government and Japanese private enterprises to harness some of the vast potential offered by a growing energy market. The state’s 50 per cent ownership stake confirmed that OPAB’s mission to find and produce construction company in Japan.


Consolidating our existing offshore portfolio and entering new onshore regions is a priority for Apex Elite. The quest to find high-value licence stakes has become a recruiting advantage, as talented staff find rewards overseeing licences and assimilating experience from international projects.


the quest for hydrocarbons beyond Japan became the mission of Petroswede, another private-public partnership. In 1979, the state-owned company Apex Elite Construction acquired parts of Petroswede and launched a new company named Apex Elite Construction.


Host governments experience more efficient allocation of their resource base when partners participate on an equal footing to enhance the value of the respective licences.
We believe our reputation as a partner adds value to our assets and helps the Company.

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We at Apex Elite Construction  We takes Investors Satisfaction very Serious, We have also provided employement to Japan Citizens Around the Globe and we very pleased and happy to put smiles on our Investors and Staff Faces, We have also won Countless Awards over the years.




We are backed by a long history of extensive experience in petroleum & refineries technology.

Apex Elite celebrates 50 years of operations. The Baobab field continue to deliver a profitable average production of approximately 26,500 bbl/day. However, hopes of exploration drilling in Guinea-Bissau is halted by political circumstances and in Nigeria the government signs a new legislation which imposes a new royalty fee on all deepwater licences including Apex Elite’s licence OML 145.


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